Some might say…

This book has been floating around for a few months now, maybe more. The author has written numerous books. Mostly described as a fresh perspective and a refreshing yet different approach to life, faith, Jesus & relationships. His video series were also quite different too. They can be found on the bookshelves of many youth directors, pastors or people who work in ministry with youth &/or young adults.

Then there was a book entitled “Love Wins”. By now you might know who I am talking about.

Yes Rob Bell. That book essentially got him kicked off the island. The Christian island that is. And he “swam” (or surfed,  he does like to surf) in the mainline sea of being judged and cut off for over 5years. Now he is back with a new book and here it is 

Entitled “What is the Bible?”, is just that. And I just got a copy and intend reading it. So watch this space.

Today there was a article on about him on as he embarks on a book tour in the Bible Belt. A bit of a read but a good one, to bring you up to speed on this guy, his history and why he is still turning heads for better and for worse.

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