When left is right & right is left

This week America provided us a reversal and confusing look at their viewpoint on guns. In summary it gave us two moments when we could have sighed and said “oh no… thats not helpful” and “whew… I’m glad those two people were there.”

By this I am referring to the 1st incident where by a self-confessed Bernie Sanders supporter showed up at a congressional baseball practice and started shooting at as many members of the GOP as he could. Yes, a passionate Democratic Party supporter (who even volunteered during the 2016 election). This is not what the Democrats needed. The party that champions the cause for greater gun control, especially against assault weapons. Here is a man who is acting with an object that the democrats are trying very hard to control getting into the hands of people just like him. UGH!

Then ‘down the coast’ in Georgia we have two inmates who manage to kill two corrections officers and escape a prison transport. Then commit various acts of stealing cars, terrorizing people, high speed car chases across two states to finally come to a crashing end and run off into the woods in Tennessee.

While the deaths of two officers is unspeakable, this story comes to a peaceful ending. Two members of the public spotted these two inmates in the woods near their house, and wait for it… GRAB THEIR GUNS and go get em’.

If it wasn’t for these two gun totting weapon owners these escaped inmates might be still running or have had a fiery shootout with law enforcement.

So, here we have a situation where the left leaning gun lobby are let down by ‘one of their own’ and we are sure glad that the right leaning protect my gun rights laws have prevented a awful situation becoming even worse.




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