Where’d She “Learn” That?

Recently we have noticed that Moana has been adding words almost daily to her vocabulary. Then even starting to string sentences together. However perhaps the most noticeable observation I have had is the inflection in her voice.

When this occurs (in English anyway) it usually means that the speaker is making their statement into a question. I have recently seen this with Moana when I have returned from a run. She has greeted me with a “Hey….. run?”. With the inflection in her voice on the word run, to denote that she is asking if I have been for a run. Which of course I have.

Where did she learn this from? How did she pick up on this technique?

She hears it from us & others, perhaps watching her favorite… Elmo. Which makes me wonder, besides learning how to create a question (out of just one word), what else is she learning from me, we, us and maybe you.

We live in a world that appears quite polarized right now. Race… politics… sexuality… mental health… and more.

We know that from dust we came and from dust we shall return. And therefore everything else we latch onto, learn, gather or form opinions on has to be a mixture of people and experiences.

What people and experiences are we having to create not only those questions (whether they are one word or more) but perhaps more dangerously those opinions and biases on race… politics… sexuality… mental health… and more.

We aren’t born racist, prejudice, liberal, conservative, progressive, homophobic, narrow minded on mental health we learn those opinions. I wonder if we can unlearn them as simply as we learned them. A simply as a child does.

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