Busy Week

Yes, it certainly has, when i look and see when the last time i posted on here was. Icould very easily categorize that time too. And so i will.

Bombs over Blenheim…
i guess i’m thinking of bombs over Baghad. However here in Blenheim we are in the season where the enormous grape harvest is about to be picked. About 79% of NZ’s wine production is here in the Blenheim/Marlborough region. Ripe grapes also means lots of food for birds to eat, and over the years wine growers have adopted numerous ways to keep the pesky birds away. One such is a cannon/artilery gun sound that goes off at regular intervals during the daylight hours. Its not uncommon for each winery to have numerous of these cannons that sit on a pole several meters about the vines. And being surround by wineries means that these cannons are firing quite often. Took me a few days to figure out what they were but now the sound make me sense like i’m in a war zone. The sound isn’t that annoying and life carries on. Speaking of sounds, we are certainly in the burbs’. As we took a nap this afternoon almost certainly we heard the sound of a dog barking, someone hammering away and the all to familar lawn mower. Which of course was the loudest, and had me rolling my eyes at its wonderful timing as i tried to take a quick 20min nap. That same lawn mowers’ timing happily reminded me of Mr. Eddie from camp and his uncanny ability to start the mover &/or leaf blower at the most inconvienient time…haha.

Sea kayaking
I was away on the Sounds for most of the week this ast week sea kayaking. I paddled 4 out of 5 days. Which included a 3 day overnight trip with 5 women who were all good friends and wanted to take a guided paddling trip. They were amazing. The average age was 60, and the oldest was 74. These women did great, each of the 3 days paddling between 4 and 6 hours. We saw lots of the Queen Charlotte Sound. Along with staying in some wonderful lodges at night.

I finally ran this morning for the 1st time in 13 days. My fall off my mountan bike really set me back. I literally sat for 3 days and did nothing to give it a good opportunity to heal. Kayaking was still quite painful this past week at the beginning but got easier. I didnt realize how badly i had bruised them, especially after i somehow managed to bike home right after i did it. But all good now and really have some catch up to do with some races coming uo that i want to de well in.

I try to avoid talking about the weather on here, because that often what many people only talk about. But its REALLY dry here right now. In fact the whole of NZ in bad. The entire North Island has been declared a drought zone. Its the worst drought in 30 years they say. It hasn’t rained here in Blenheim since early February. That said the grape growers are loving it and saying this might be a vintage year. We are supposed to get some later on this weekend and into next week, which also means i will be outdoors hiking and paddling in the rain this week with school groups coming to do outdoor education with us.

Robin is famous…
Its official, Robin is famous. The local newspaper (yes we still have them here) did a story on her today. Mostly accurate… wouldn’t be the media if it was entirely 100% accurate, would it… ouch that was mean
Here is a link to it.

And Finally…
Our Stuff… FINALLY arrives this coming week. After 4 delays it will be here in Blenheim at our house by the end of this week. Woo-Hoo. It will feel like Christmas seeing all this stuff again. Also a good lesson on, “Do we really need all that STUFF” after getting by just fine this past few months. That said now many of the fun adventures will really start as many of our toys arrive. Stay posted

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