Mixing it up

Today Robin and i both had a day off on the same day. Woo-Hoo, and after much debate and discussion we decided to go to lunch. Now not just any lunch. Being that we are the center of wine production in NZ there are A LOT of wineries. Many of them have a Cellar Door (snobby way to say buy wine cheap) and restaurant. We went to the Brancott Estate. check them out at…

This is one of the oldest and most established wineries in NZ and their restaurant is amazing and the views and awesome, all you can see in every direction is mountain, vineyards, or the ocean. Check out these pix



The second part of our day was separate. Robin in a non subtle way going to buy Christmas presents and me training. As previously mentioned i have started training for Godzone a big multiday (about 6 days) adventure race here in March next year. www.godzoneadvenure.com

Race HQ is only about 90mins from here, so doing it was a no-brainer. My old team mates from the US are coming out and we are excited to be racing together again. I will post more details as we get closer. However one thing we have started as part of a sponsorship deal with a local bike shop is to post tweets. This will be updated more regularly than a this blog and will have photos and entries from training trips. So if you care, and if not thats fine, check it out at @cpzeroGODZONE

The photos below are from a big bike ride i did today. most of these shots are in the hills above our house. Thankfully there are lots of hills around here because GodZone will have A LOT of elevation.




Then finally in a ‘get on my soap box’ moment. Why is it that most, i won’t say all, but the majority or churches in NZ have a service on Christmas morning…. REALLY, come on the last place i want to be on that morning is in church, i want to be with my family.

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