“Why is it…”

As i read the newspaper (BTW… something i don’t normall do & haven’t in some time. Only participate in this ritual when i’m at Robins parents house)  this morning with my coffee & toast i spent various amounts of time reading stories ranging from the local county district school board considering letting kids out early on wednesday’s. Through to the Egyptian President Morsi facing new protests from the very people that helped elect him. Now accusing him of being Mubarak-like in his leadership and new found uncheck power…as they see it. Also spent a few minutes reading how the NC mens basketball team sneaked past what should have been a easy win against a lesser opponent in UNC-Asheville.

As i read the various stories including the pending fiscal cliff i thought about other more recent “BIG” stories like Syria or the Bengazi Embassy attack, or what happened to that story about…or wasn’t there…

What happended to these stories, i’m sure people are still dying in Syria, or the fiscal cliff gets closer by the day, oh and isn’t there terrible amounts of violence in the Congo. Who decides what happens to these stories? when does it get bumped fromt he front page, or the first 5mins of a news broadcast, or in today’s world no longer becomes a urgent tweet that a media outlet has to push on us. Why is it…?

This may sound twisted but i wonder if President Assad in Syria is breathing a sigh of relief becuase Israel and Palestine are going at it, or Egypt appears to be having ‘issues’. For now all eyes are off Syria and focussing on his middle east neigbhors.

Why is it that those stories have slipped? i know there’s only so many hours in a day, and we can only read so many tweets or click on so many stories, or to be completely old-school turn the page and read so many stories on a newspaper page.

Why is it that media outlets get to decide for me? Or do they, did i decide by not paying enough attention to that story, and you know they can measure what stories you click on and how long you spend on that page. That isn’t even amazing technology nowadays. I think Google Analytics can allow you todo that.

Maybe its not the mainstream media that decides, maybe its us. Maybe they are only responding to what we are finding interesting.

Why is it…?

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