Shopping for Shipping Containers & Women Catholic Priests

Today we really started looking for a company to get our stuff to NZ. the joke for woman & I is all we are taking are clothes, Robins books & collection of crosses. AND… my toys… kayaks & bikes.

Anyways we found this great website that you submit your information to & then they send it to various international moving companies and they compete for your business. Almost as soon as i sent the email my phone started ringing.

Talked with various people for whom customer “no service” appeared to be their goal in life. I did have to laugh as one sales person (who was trying hard to make a sale) was chatting with me and i was telling him the back story… moving home… my wife took a job at a church… excited to go… blah blah blah. Then out of the blue the salesperson asks. “Great your wife is a minister… is she a Catholic Priest?”

Insert Crickets Chirping here… Chirp Chirp… Chirp Chirp.

Not trying to be mean, if anything a reflection of society especially young adults.

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