“Just make it to the state line &…”

Finally made it “home” early last night after a 4 hour drive from Harrisonburg Virginia. BUT!!! not before i went and found some sweet mtn bike trails a little west of where i was for the week. Left early to drive to the George Washington National Forrest which is about bazillion acres and lots of good mtn bike trails.

As i figured out where go ride i realized how close i would be to the state line with West Virginia. So i had goal… just make it to the state line. i figured it would be a cool place to try and get too & look into the ‘wild n wonderful’ west virgina one more time. I have spent many adventure races in WV over the past 6 years and lots of memories. Funnily enough most of them are usually pretty funny and involve a unusal qirk about WV.

Off i set up a dirt rorad, quickly to begin climbing up into the national forest to hopefully the state line that sat atop a ridge line. The day was clear but cold as i quickly donned my tights even in the lung busting climbing i was now beginning to do.

The views were stunning and a few pcokets of snow remained from what i think was snow brought by Hurricane Sandy. Continuing to climb i was spooked by a very large black bear who also was surprised by my presence. I didnt have enough time to snap a photo as it disappeared up the mountainside.

I finally reached the ridge line after climbing for what seemed a long time. Photos below are from my sunday morning adventure. One such photo reflects Virginia  to the left and West Virginia to the right of thr trail. Even took a few fun moments to skip between the 2 states back & forth, back & forth.

Then begun the long sweet downhill sections back to my truck and some very cold hands

Virginia to the left & West Virginia to the right

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