Strip it down

This week i have been hear Harrisonburg Virginia, for a conference at Massanetta Springs. It ended today, however i am sticking around until sunday for the board meeting, for the association which i have lead as president for the past 2 years.

Robin came over on wednesday and left this morning we both have some very good friends in this organisation and it was good to be around them but difficult at the same time to say goodbye.

The end of this conference also marks the end of numerous other finalities also. We have basically been moving full steam ahead since i got back from World Adventure Racing Champs. One thing after another, ending at camp, ironman, travelling, moving to Raleigh, and now this past week this conference.

Driving to Raleigh (or our home for now) on sunday represents the end of the craziness (not before i squeeze in some sweet mountain biking and running for several hours on sunday monring. Our gears really shift to moving home now, we have nothing to focus on but that.

If nothing else though, i sense like i am really stripping it down. Almost like when you strip down a car, or disasemble something, peel back all the layers, all the way down to the foundation, the core, bedrock.

Consider… finish working at Calvin Center, train hard for & knock out 2 major races in 6 weeks. Come to the this conference 1 more time, end my term at president of this organization. strip it down. All the way to there’s nothing left.

No obligations, no job, no organization to serve. All thats left is my life with Robin, our dog Cora & moving to NZ. Strip it down.

And cannot help but realize that we have stripped it down for a reason. Remove all the distractions, jobs, serving, racing(for a short time on that one) and here’s what we have left.

Each other and really only the most basic of decisions and choices left. Or as Maslow put it, Food, shelter, clothes,….

And from that stripping it down, begin it start over, and evaluate what it looks like as we put it back together.

As we “rebuild the car” what goes back in, and perhaps more importantly what doesnt and what needs replacing or upgrading.

Strip it down

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