“Home Again”

Note from the title we are back in Raleigh. And for now we call it home. We have been away for about 13 days. And travelled back to Ga-Fl-Al-Ga-Nc. about 2200 miles in total.

We are glad to be back. Mostly becuase we saw Cora (our Dog) again for the 1st time in about 14days. She went nuts when she saw us of course.

We spent the past few days in ATL, with friends, catching up and seeing a few of our favorite places 1 more time. Left ATL this morning to arrive back in Raleigh this afternoon. Alas for me to do laundary, & turn it all around and leave for Virginia tomorrow for 8 days. While i will be attending our annual conference i am taking my mountain bike to sneak in a few rides and a big one the day i drive back. That part of Virginia is well known for A LOT of really sweet mtbing.

Furthermore… b/c we havent see Cora in 2 weeks and she has had a good run in ages, her and i will hit the trails for a few hours tomorrow morning at a very nearby State Park. I will run the mess out of her, off the leash, bush whacking, no trails, off-camber…pur un- adulterated bliss for her. That should keep her happy until i get back.

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