Ivan & Poppy

Since Sunday 28th October, Robin & I have been on the road. A trip to Raleigh to unload ‘our life’ with her parents (BIG THANKS THERE) then back to the ATL on Tuesday to clean up & leave Calvin Center for the last time on the 31st. To drive to Panama City to race Ironman, & now we are in Birmingham until thursday. Then back to the ATL and onto Raleigh on Saturday for me to leave on Sunday to drive to Harrisonburg Va, for the Presbyterian Church Camp & Conference Center (PCCCA)for 8 days. Lots of traveling!

Someone once said, “home is where you lay your head, …. & home is where you feel loved.” While we have been many places this past 10 days and laid our head on many different pillows the above quote is very true we have beeen made to feel at home everywhere we have laid our head and definitely loved. So thank you to all the people now & in advance for making us feel loved.

That said, Robin & I have been joking the past few days that we feel like Gypsies, excuse my use of the un-pc term. Maybe ‘travellers’ in better. We have even given ourselves new ‘travelers’ names… Ivan & Poppy

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