Not Part III

Went for a epic run today… well at least that was the plan.

Left home at 545am this morning to run with 2 women i have never meet and might be potential future AR team mates (at least one of them anyway). The plan was to tackle the 3 Peaks Challenge, an under the radar, no frill but brutally hard run up Mt Fishtail, Mt Robertson & Mt Vernon all at opposite corners of our valley. I have been up all of them before, but never all three in one day. After each peak then drive to the next one. Not an east feat with lots of elevation gained and lost and starting from sea level every time.

Day started well. Summited Mt Fishtail around 10am and began our descent. Felicity and Michele were doing great and holds well for the future. We were almost all Fishtail and back at the truck, when i made a silly mistake and one i should know better.

When running on wet rocks you want to make sure you try and keep your weight over your feet. Or be a straight up and down as possible. This preventing slipping. 99.9% i practice this but today, at this one point i didn’t and BOOM, my feet came out from under me and i ate it hard.

So hard i have a huge, deep gash in my forehead and blood pissing everywhere. I’m now back at home but not before the girls took me to the ER for some serious wound cleaning and 3 chunky stitches.

I quite bummed really as we were doing really well and would have nailed the other 2 peaks. Were on target to complete it in 12 hrs. But dumb ol’ me…

Robin met us at the hospital and i told the girls to go for it, and as i type this they are finishing off the other 2. arrrggghhhh.

Oh well. Could have been a lot worse, i could have been on my own. Here are some photos to gross you out.




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