The Cold Gorilla & Elephant

I started my crazy month of travel yesterday driving to Black Mtn, NC and i’m already bac home. it was a quick trip with my job. But is some ways happy for it to be that way because it was soooo cold!!!! this morning when i woke up it was -3F with the wind chill. thankfully it had stopped snowing, which it was doing like crazy last night. I wasnt sure i would make it off the mountain as i drove off to where i was staying last night.

Good to be back home, not that its much warmer here. its 9pm and already the temp is well below freezing. i guess our dog (cora) will get lucky and get to sleep inside the house again tonight instead of in her crate on the porch.

On another note… today as i drove 4hrs back home i was thinking about the expression that people use to say “…. gorilla in the room” OR “… elephant in the room” its a funny expression and find myself using it at times. My observation is this. Who decided it will be a gorilla or an elephant. why not a humpback whale or longhorn cow. I know what the gorilla and elephant mean metaphorically, but surely whales and bulls can do some damage too.  Then why do some people say gorilla and others elephant. Personally i use the gorilla in the room expression. What do others use? does it matter, what does it say about that person.

Also… what is the difference between the gorilla and the elephant. Not a how lot in some ways.

Either way i prefer to name them when it comes to acknowledging what issues or challenges a person, group or team etc is facing. What might happen if ones doesnt. i know i dont want to encounter a made elephant or gorilla.

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