The New Normal

The New Normal is a expression that has gained some attention recently. Whether it’s the days getting shorter (or longer) depending on which hemisphere/country you live in. Or a new way of doing business from a Trump Administration. Or perhaps getting outside more with better weather to improve ones health though fitness. The New Normal is what notice and adapt to in light of something we were previously familiar with.

For Robin & I our new normal exists on almost every level. Even down to driving on the left-hand side of the road. Ones opinion on a new normal can create a range of emotions. And sometimes new normals don’t last. For a couple of weeks after we arrived home in NZ Moana was waking up at around 400-430am…. UGH. We wondered if this was our new normal. Thankfully she has adjusted and sleeping is quite regular now.

Some people have asked us why we left the US to move to NZ (my home). The easy & shallow answer is to humorously say there were 10 reasons at 10%. While there is some truth in that, part of it was to find a new normal.

We face multiple new normals and most people have new normals forced on them. Like driving on the left. We signed up for a new normal because our old normal was not working long term. As we prioritized and confirmed that family, faith, & a balanced life were important (& those are in no particular order) we realized that our then current normal was not consistently having those 3 topics at or near the top of our priorities. We aren’t afraid of hard work, but our normal was not normal by any stretch.

There is a story that tells of 2 frogs. 1 frog is in a pot of water and the heat is slowly turned up. Each time the heat is turned up the frog realizes but justifies it and remains in the pot of water thinking its got time to escape when it gets “really hot”. The water temp continues to increase but each time the frog acknowledges the temp increase but remains. Until eventually the water reaches a temp where the frog is too weak to escape because the water is too hot. The 2nd frog is thrown into a pot of hot water and instantly recognizes the high temp and immediately jumps out.

What happens when the normal isn’t exactly a healthy normal? And what about the future of this normal? Who decides when its no longer normal or becomes something else?


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