Do we ever…

After safely arriving back home in NZ we have (or what we thought was…) completed a big time of DISCERNMENT for both Robin & I. The “conclusion” of that has led us here. I say “conclusion” because I have sense that the D word never ends. Or do we ever…?

While I won’t go into the timing, when and exact moment of starting to discern a time to return home, because that’s not my point. I suspect the D-word is an insatiable beast. And one that is never fully satisfied. And actually that’s a good thing.

We often in our faith jump on the journey bandwagon. Journey this… and journey that… And that is true, however we at times get sidelined, freaked out, intimidated by the whole thought of discernment, like it’s some ugly jacket we have to wear for a while because all our other clothes are dirty and we need to do laundry.

I mention all this because now for us we find ourselves D-wording topics like… where will we live, and what ministry opportunities will we follow. Robin has several at this point and we want the… ahem… discernment to be “right”. Uh-oh that means we need to put on that ugly jacket again and wear it around for a few days or weeks until we magically strike the answer through the next traffic light being green and being the clear sign we needed or…. WRONG. Well at least as I see it.

What if we embraced discernment as…, well its always there and lets not get all freaked out about it. That while discernment as it is often defined as prayer & patience is true, we have all God’s children and God cares for us.

This definition or understanding shouldn’t give us the opportunity either to ‘switch off’ and become willows in the wind-blown in every-which-way direction. However see it perhaps as underwear that we put on everyday (hopefully). That something we are glad we wear, but aren’t always conscientious its there.

Or put another way, how we have moved to a place where we now see for example recycling as normal and not something we have to go out of our way to do. our life carries on and we have incorporated recycling into our everyday life. Paying attention to those moments when we get a glimpse of reality, clarity and dare is say it discernment.

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