Certainly a memorable one…almost

The end of the week is here. As Sunday evening winds down for Robin and i, reflection time is upon us.

And what a week it was. Sleep patterns alittle messed up, however if that was all then a mint week.

Started with the epic padle across Cook Straight. And all the adventures associated with that a well documented on previous posts. Hoped you enjoyed them. Then if things could get any better. On Friday as we (myself & 2 fellow guides)were returning from a day of hiking with a group of 26 on the water taxi. We get on the boat for the 1hour boat trip back to be told be Fred the boat captain that there is a pod of Orca whales out in the main channel of Marlborough Sounds… REALLY, ARE YOU SERIOUS. One thing i have learned in this job is to ALWAYS take my camera with me. I may go days even a week in between photos, but always have it nearby. And this day was no different.

We did see Orca, a pod of about 5-6, one of which was a huge bull. With a massive dorsal fin. We followed them for about 15mins before heading home. Incredible, is all i can say. Massive Massive animals making their way down the sounds. That said when they come into the Sounds to feed, which isn’t often either. All the dolphin disappear and we begin to see large amounts of seals lying on beaches. Both mammals that serve as finger food for Orca.

Spent yesterday sea kayaking with the same group. Then today mountain biking. Which didnt end so well for me. I was racing ahead after being with the stragglers at the back to catch the speedy ones at the front when i took a spill. Perhaps the best non race spill i have ever taken. I didnt bump my head, thank goodness, and yes i always wear a helmet. But do remember flying through the air parallel to the ground about 3ft up, but not to hit the trail hard, but fly off the trail and land down a steep bank with my bike to come flyng over my head and land right next to me, thankfully missing me. Whew!!! That was close. Bruised hip, grazed elbows and shoulder spilt seconds later climb back up the trail to pull myself together and carry on.

This week i get to work with a school group for 2 days doing outdoor and environmental education. Then on wednesday Robin & i are going paddling for the day to go and explore a small island and some caves that you can paddle into. Up to now when Robin and i have paddled we have taken a double sea kayak. This week i think we are going to venture out in 2X single boats. Should be fun.

2 Comments on “Certainly a memorable one…almost

    • That my friend is a very good question.

      For the most part yes. Cant speak for Robin but we have had some quality times together recently. Not always quantity but hey quality is better right.

      As for my soul… for the most part yes. Having lots of different experiences with lots of interesting people and cannot help but find myself always relating it back to ministry etc. In a nut shell much of it is somewhere between picking peoples brains on their thoughts of balancing work/the bottom line etc & the relational side of jobs.

      Definitely seeing things from a different perspective. My boss from what i can gather is very $$$ motivated. And in practicing my listening skills co-workers complain about him… i just try and listen. I don’t think they realize that basically they are saying…. we crave feedback from him, or validation. not in a superficial way, but they often seem to be somewhere between having interactions that are based around joking around, shallow interaction & You F-ed up. No positive feedback. At least thats what i hear from them. And i don’t mean that from a ‘there just a bunch of needy YA’s either’ these all seem like well rounded people

      Which always seems to come back around to ministry v’s work/work v’s ministry… AGAIN.

      Otherwise. we are good. We are off to see a Fertility doctor in the next 2 weeks.

      Hope to catch you on Skype soon.

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