This is brief, but had a funny moment this morning when running up in the hills behind where we live. They are very close and find i can be running up hills after about 7mins of running… amazing! Anyways there i was making my way along a trail come around a corner and there is a mother and her 2 sons out hiking (its winter break for school right now) and one of the boys is wearing a….

Wait for it…

UGA t-shirt. Nooooooooooo. Really? yes a University of Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt. Of course i stop and quiz them. They knew someone who lived in Ga for a few years.

Well done UGA, can’t even escape your reach all the way over here. Sorry Tech fans, haven’t seen the Yellow Jacket yet. We have seen Calvin Center shirts pop up in unusual places… Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, a former counselor saw a child wearing one in Times Square, NYC, and plenty of sightings on planes.

One Comment on “Noooooooooo

  1. OK you know I am a GA Tech grad so this story hurts. But this story is pretty cool. It is always nice to see something familiar or something from home in a far away place. Sounds like you are still enjoying being back home and working (and I use that word loosely) outdoors again.

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