Back & writing

Yup, i’m back and writing will be writing more. Feel like have come out of the winter both literally and figuratively down here in NZ. Yesterday reached 84F which is really hot for here, but the joy of living in an island nation way down the bottom of the south Pacific is that all you have to do is wait 12-24hrs and its chilly again. Well not supper chilly, but a lot cooler than yesterday.

We have survived the winter, and are definitely into spring. Have been racing some. For some reason lots of running. Will be doing my 3rd 1/2 marathon this weekend and another next weekend.

Robin and I climbed last weekend. Didn’t summit as the weather pulled up bad on us, and I am quite cautious when it comes to the mountains in NZ. See below for some great pix from that trip.

We both raced in the weekend. Robin as part of a team doing the kayaking section and her team mates completing the trail run and bike sections. I did the whole thing on my own. Had a good run but fell apart of the paddle for some reason. But plenty to do. We are spending lots of time together doing fun adventures and always looking for a reason to go away.

Last weekend while climbing we put Cora in a kennel for the w/e, unfortunately when we went to pick her up they said she cannot come back as she howled most of the 2 night we were away. The owners said that Weimarainer’s are sooooo loyal that they can do that. And of course when she started howling the whole kennel starts…. my bad. So we tell her, that she got expelled from the doggie resort.

This weekend we are off to travel through the largest sheep & cattle station/ranch in NZ-Molesworth Station. Its about 500,000 acres in size and some of the most wild, remote and temperature extreme part of the country. The ‘gate’ is only about 90mins from here and I have the pleasure of running through there this Saturday as part of a 4 person relay race. Its not the entire farm but the 1 public road through there that is shut for 6 months of the year as the weather is so bad. We each get to run about 22km on rough gravel roads. The goal is of course the finish line which happens to be in a alpine thermal report town call Hanmer Springs. Where we will of course relax in the springs and relax our legs. I am running leg 2 or 3, yet to be decided. I am really looking forward to it. Molesworth Station has a special place in NZers hearts as a very unique and wild place, and owned by every NZer as the govt now owns it and contracts out its management.

The photos are from climbing trip 2 weekends ago. Also not far from Molesworth Station. Mt Tapuae-o-uenuku the 1st mountain Sir Ed Hillary climbed.

2013-11-03 19.33.49

2013-11-04 08.41.07

2013-11-04 09.04.18

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