I like to ride my bicycle

Fooled you. You thought it was another story of me biking somewhere. Well not this time. Robin has joined the dark side and got a bike.

Thursday was her birthday and yes I know Thanksgiving and yes I know the beginning of Hanukkah. However in my world it was Robins birthday and that’s all I need to know. Anyways… I surprised her with a new bike. She totally fell for my prank and set her up really well to give it to her. I have been working on this “project” for several months with my local bike shop. And the day of I went in early to decorate with balloons, and tasty food in the cool basket on the front. The wonderful Avanti staff helped me. I then spun her some story about how I needed her to drop off some random wheel to be trued. She never suspected anything. Of course in hindsight she does.

I figured out when she was going, I had to be really tricky not to ask too many questions as she would know. But narrowed it down to a 15minute window and ran down there and hid in the changing room. She walked in with the wheel to “just drop it off” and Chanelle was totally in on it of course and knows Robin. She replies with “we have something for you…” Robin all confused now, walks around the corner and boom there’s her new bike and I’m hiding out videoing the whole thing. It was awesome.

There is nothing stopping her now with her cutesy new old school bike. ha-ha gotcha Robin. Happy Birthday, I love you.


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