Great Weekend

This past weekend i had almost one of the best weekends i could have outside of being in the mountains or sea kayaking.

Flew to the North Island on friday to visit with my sister Hazel who i haven’t seen since we have been back in NZ… my bad. On Saturday went to see some really good friends who i haven’t seen in even longer and then perhaps the highlight…

I went to watch the All Blacks smash England at rugby on saturday night. (36-13) it was awesome. My sister and i went with some of here friends. It was a great game and we ended up sweeping the series 3-0, which was great because English rugby thinks they are all that!!!

Hugely satisfying. Only kiwis understand but i would much rather lose to our old foe Australia or South Africa than the poms. Then flew back today and got a sweet view from the plane. See photos below. The only bummer was that Robin couldn’t make it due to prior commitments.



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