We have arrived…

Well, we finally arrived. I am in Pennsylvania and Robin is still down in North Carolina with her parents. We flew to NC together and had a few days before i flew up here last week to begin work…. so much to do and take care of. cell phones, drivers license, a new car, place to live. The list goes on.

I drive back to NC today for thanksgiving which is this thurs. I will stay with Robins family and then we will both come back up here on saturday… with Cora, who arrived safe and sound. Although the flight from LAX for her was with a dead dude in a coffin GULP.

When i arrived last week i flew right into that same snow storm that slammed Buffalo NY etc. We didn’t get the snow they had but there was about 10cm on the ground to greet me when i arrived. hmmmmm and then the temps. For about 4 days it didn’t get above freezing even during the day. What have i walked into to. However the last few days have been quite mild and was told that that snow was way early and not typical, that was qucikly followed with “oh you wait till february” Comment.

Will post more over the weekend as i will be with family for thanksgiving. Let the eating begin. Already lots of reminders of that around me

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