This one isn’t bad news… I promise

I know the last one was a real tear jerker and we still find lots of reminders of Cora around.

However this one isn’t bad news, i promise you that. This one is filled will joy, gratitude and thankfulness. See photo below and then read on.


Yes its true. Robin & I are having a baby.
Pause here & celebrate with us for a moment.

After many years of at times a difficult journey we are expecting a baby in July!

As my mother said “This baby was made in NZ, however will be born in the USA”.

We ask that besides cheering and joining us in celebrating, please pause and give thanks because we certainly have and continue to.

Besides it look like i will get some good Adventure Race training in the next few years with sleep deprivation.

2 Comments on “This one isn’t bad news… I promise

  1. Congratulations! What joy!
    Tracey, Resa, Hannah, and Nathaniel
    Psalm 37:4

    • Hey you there? Guess what. I’m in Georgia at Calvin center for next 3 days.

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