In case you missed it…

We are coming HOME!!! Yes Robin, Moana & I are moving back to Aotearoa (or New Zealand for some of you). We should be home around April 1st and will be settling into life, this time in the Canterbury Region.

We will live with my parents for a month or so while we get our feet under us, then will look for somewhere to put our feet down more permanently. But for the foreseeable future it will be Canterbury.

I have accepted a job with Scripture Union as there South Island Camps Coordinator and will be facilitating their outdoor camps throughout the year. I will have some other opportunities to take on with them, however that will be further down the road.

Therefore, right now we are going through the task of extracting ourselves from life in America. So watch this space for some of those adventures and stories. This has not been an easy decision and certainly not one based on 1 or 2 motivations. We will miss many people and a lot of good work and stuff here in Western Pennsylvania and across the US.

My absence from this platform has been noticed by none more than me! GULP. Over 2 years, which is about how long we have been away from home. Read into that however you want. But i will be posting a lot more on here from now on.

So if you live in NZ, look forward to seeing these 3 around.


One Comment on “In case you missed it…

  1. Ruth and I shared your post. So pleased for you and Robin. Glad you were able to discern where your next call should be. I know it wasn’t an easy decision.

    Blessings on your new adventure.

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