A long Day

After a long day or packing, watching moving company people pack & then the dreaded cleaning we have left our home. ugh. Its a mixed feeling. While on the surface its just a small house of bricks (& 4 toilets…. yes 4) its the memories and the people and personalities within it and through it that made it difficult.

While i won’t necessarily miss the house, what it represented will be missed. Hold on, i am not lamenting or regretting our decision. But walking away from a home whereby its people and personalities shape it… now that is hard to walk away from.

We are making this decision for lots of reasons, our biggest is for Moana and what we want her to be raised around. Family nearby, the land, the ocean and water in general.

Her day was spent at day care today, the only day a week she goes. Which worked out well while the chaos went on at our house.

But now its done. We are back at camp where it all began when we moved here and lived here for about 2months. Not as long this time but as though we are doing the whole thing in reverse.


3 Comments on “A long Day

  1. You take moving to the extreme PA to NZ. Hope the loading went well. When do you all depart?

    • Leave pgh 3/18 to NC. Robin goes earlier to NC. Fly out of San Francisco 3/29

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