Another week

Another week is upon is and wow what an action packed few days

Tried to go to bed early last night after doing the math and realizing that in the 5 nights before sunday i/we had some sort of emergency that meant NO BED TIME before at least 1am. hmmmmm NOT COOL.

Strangely enough they all revolved around emergencies.

Late Tuesday night… an equine emergency with one of our horse (chapala) who had a large abscess that needing lancing off. That was NOT fun to watch. And WOW did that stuff stink

Late Wednesday night… the weather emergency which was documented in a previous post

Late Saturday Night… a medical emergency, when one of our Common Sole/Soul folks accidentally cut her wrist (no really it was an accident) and so had to take her to the ER.

Then last night arrives and the thought of an early night only to be foiled by a corner of the screen on CNN announcement that President Obama had some big announcement. Not about Libya, but something else. Which was supposed to be announced at 10.30pm. There goes the early night. When 10.30 turned into almost 11.30.

We found ourselves trying to guess what it was, the best that i could come up with was a Giant meteor was going yo crash into earth. As we texted with friends in Alabama, they were predicting aliens. No joke, are we silly!!!

Still “that” announcement was huge. However i did read today that some former…. thinks that this was all “too hollywood” like to be true.  Not saying i believe that comment, but something to think about for sure. Ever see the movie “Wag the Dog”. That this was too perfect, too this…, to that… He could have died from getting a fish bone stuck in his throat.

Anyways… Tomorrow is BIG run day, need to knock out at least 3hrs. We have a 30 hr race not this, but next weekend. With some of our biggest rivals… “WEDALI”, “I’m On Point”. should be fun.  We did land a big sponsorship deal today, which our team owner has been working on for months. New clothing, jerseys, helmets, packs… SWEET!!!!

And today has been filled with 40 public school kids all morning, moving canoes this afternoon, to get attacked by fire ants. First fire ant bites of the summer… YES!!!! to draining another abscess on a horse with vet late this afternoon.

And to think its only Monday

One Comment on “Another week

  1. Oh my goodness who cut there wrist.Are they allright.
    Albany – Auckland had a tornado this afternoon.Two confirmed dead.Heaps of damage
    to mall and surrounding area.

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