From the garden & the ocean to dinner table

OK,so this may make some of you really jealous. Read at your own risk, and i apologize, well not really.

Today (Saturday) we decided we would head over to the Marlborough Sounds, where i work. Oh BTW… we now have internet at home, finally got it hooked up this am woo-hoo. The sounds are an intricate series of long bays, inlets, channels etc at the top of NZ’s South Island. One word…Beautiful. This is where i work as you have seen from previous photos. Daily leading either sea kayaking trips, hiking trips or mtn biking trips. Some overnights and school groups when school goes back in a few weeks.

I found out this week that the Sounds has more coastline… wait for it…more coastline than the entire USA. YEAH!!! no joke it does, imagine all those bays etc waiting to be explored. As far as NZ goes its about 15% of NZs total coastline. Not bad for a country about the size of California and 4.5 million people.

Needless to say we did some exploring today. We drove to a place called Mistletoe Bay, to do some hiking and see part of a 5 day trail system that i will be leading groups on eventually. We had a great short hike and on the way back we stopped and sat by the water. My eyes were immediately drawn to the mussels growing wild beneath the surface. You know the kind you see in restaurants and are really expensive. There they were ready for the taking. And so we did. How cool is that, to take from the ocean, not to much, just the right amount, and not have to fear that you will get sick from consuming poisonous sea food. Welcome to NZ!

After a great day we travelled home, to prepare our dinner which included fresh mussels. Now here’s where you will really dislike us. Dinner consisted of cous cous, fresh local bread and all vegetables (carrots, zucchini, lettuce) ALL from our vegetable garden that our Landlord left for us to ‘take care of’ if you know what i mean. Not to mention the potatoes, corn, onions, cabbage, broccoli, radish etc still out there. I look forward to keeping this garden going over the year.

A perfect meal from the garden and the ocean to the dinner table.

Here is was i was writing about and some other distractions…






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    • hey there, great to hear from you, thanks for keeping up. I was working with some folks of a cruise ship today, very interesting group of people. lets just say we will probably never go on one of those

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