Slumming it

The week is over, i have a 1/2 day sea kayaking trip tomorrow with a family. In the afternoon Robin will drive over and we will go paddling on our own for a few hours.

This week as mentioned i got to lead this guided hike. It starts with me taking the ferry/water taxi up to the lodge where I would stay for the night. The skipper made a few stops on the way to drop off groceries to various holiday homes which because its summer here many of them have people in them. For about the last 45mins it was just the skipper and me. We struck up a conversation of course about america, which lead to politics and of course religion.

It was a fruitful conversation and one in which i think i was able to challenge some stereotypes about faith and religion in USA. i will say this. its amazing how many people outside America think President Obama is a Muslim. Don’t worry i’m not declaring a bias here just highlighting one of the many perceptions people have about America.

Anyways… the evening continued to go well and the hike the next day was great also. We hiked for about 8 hours. I wanted to leave you with a link to the lodge I stayed at. When i left the base on Tuesday they were kidding when they said just take your toothbrush. They weren’t kidding. Click on this link to see where i was slumming it.

One Comment on “Slumming it

  1. So sorry you are having such a terrible time with the new job. Maybe I should just come down and help you adjust!! Looks great. Keep on having fun and doing the Lord’s work.


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