A different place





Well made it back from the race on Saturday through the Molesworth Farm. What an amazing place and landscape. Very wild & raw and untouched. The weather was brilliant which is great consider it can snow in there even in the middle of summer.

I ran the 2nd leg of 4, which gave me 22km to literally slog through that amazing landscape. 22km which is a little more than a 1/2 marathon took me 1hr 53mins which considering I typically do a 1/2 marathon in 1hr 20-25mins shows what kind of environment we were in. It is still hard to describe as we were running on dirt roads, so not trails or nothing at all, the weather was good…mostly. Generally speaking a difficult place to run an even exist.

Part of my slow time was the heat, it was windy and a warm wind blowing but I had it as a tail wind and that meant I was getting really hot every time I tried to speed up. But made it through. My team mates did wonderfully well also. With Michelle competing the last leg and a wickedly steep down hill in even hotter conditions. It was fun to ride along in the SAG vehicle and support my team giving them water etc along the way and snapping photos like these. If you come to NZ you need to go through The Molesworth.


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