4 from the same name

Robin and I drove to Christchurch this past thursday to celebrate my mothers 70th birthday. Being that Sunday is a work day for Robin we drove down thurs and came back LATE Saturday night. Its about 4hours down to my parents place.

We had a back to back night celebrations on Friday and Saturday. With Saturday being the day 4 Humphreys’ ran in my hometown community fun run. I grew up in this town, well for the 1st 12 years of my life before moving away with my parents. They have gone full circle now and moved back about 4 years ago. Strange to be back in the ol home town. Still mostly the same, about 1000 people. No stop light, farming community etc.

As mentioned on the Saturday there was a fun run that consisted of the options on a 5K run or walk, 10k run or walk and a 1/2 marathon. I convinced Robin, one of my sisters and mum along with me to all sign up. Mum and Louise for the 5K walk, robin did the 5K run and i was signed up to do the 1/2 but i changed to the 10K and recently i have raced so much i need a break and the body was starting to get a little tired. Having raced 5 out of 7 weekends. Including 2 half marathons and an adventure race. Time For A Break. Therefore i downsized to the 10K. I struggled with the choice but was glad to have made it. I could certainly knock out another 1/2 but b/c i the way i am wired up i always want to do well not only finish.

Anyways we had a great day running, the whole town comes out to run or watch. The finish line is at the end of the Main Street which is lined with people. My mother got a podium finish in her age group for the 5K walk. I am soooooo proud of her as its her ever race and I was there to celebrate with her…. GO Mum. Louise had a good time walking with her. She works for Red Cross International and is about to leave to Beirut, Lebanon to work in a hospital for escaping Syrian refugees. This a life she loves and has been all over the world doing this. So please prayers for her. Robin ran well recording one of her fastest times for a 5K. And i finished 2nd overall in the 10K race. Not a quick time but hey 2nd, ill take it.

This week the weather is really starting to warm up in fact its been HOT. I was out on the water for the past 2days with 22 high school students from all over the world . We had a long day on the water, day 1 but coming back today was mint weather conditions.

Robins birthday is this thursday, which yes is thankgiving. I have a killer present for her and can’t say yet unless she reads this. Will post some pics on thurs or friday of the proud birthday girl. We are cooking a big feast for thanksgiving and having a few friends over, some of whom are Americans.

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