About to begin

The past month has been a busy time for me personally and both Robin and I. We have had lots of visitors from mostly the US. Nina won the award for 1st US visitor. We also had a visit from my aunt & uncle who live in the south of France and i haven’t seen in about 25 years. And now we have my adventure racing team mates here from the US.

Which is partly why i post and catch up today. Starting saturday we will be competing in the GodZone Adventure race here in NZ. the Start line is only about 90 mins from here so it was an obvious choice to enter. 8 days of adventure in the NZ wilderness, and i mean wilderness. If you care to follow along you can by checking out http://www.godzoneadvenure.com

Live coverage start local time 6am Saturday. All 41 team wear GPS trackers so you can follow along. Its highly addictive watching the little blips on your screen and hitting refresh A LOT. We are Team #2 CheckpointZero.

Robin will also tweet for us from the race as often as she can on @cpzeroGODZONE as often as she can. Then of course after the race there will be a monster race report with some sweet pix. In the next 48hrs will be especially tweeting from race HQ.

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