Some Big NEWS

Yes, we have some for you… WE ARE RETURNING TO THE USA!!!

Some of you reading this may already know, for others it may be a complete surprise.

I have accepted a position with Crestfield Camp and Conference Center in Slippery Rock Pennsylvania. About 1hr north of Pittsburgh.

We will be packing up our life in NZ (& Cora) and heading back across the ocean. When we left the US we were not sure how long we would be here for. As far as time goes it will be just under 2 years. During this time a lot has happened to both Robin & I as individuals and collectively as a couple. We sense that we have completed what we came here for and are read to move back and more challenges.

For me the new job is really the best of both worlds as i serve within the camp and conference world and then move a little more so into the world of the church. Crestfield serves Pittsburgh Presbytery one of the largest within the Presbyterian Church USA. While i will have responsibilities at Crestfield my main focus will be in the assisting churches within that same presbytery to increase their community focus and look to serve the community immediately around them. This will include working with children & youth along with empowering and equipping volunteers to serve their community and be a real and relevant voice of hope and love.

These plans are all moving along fast and we are hoping to be back within the US by mid November. There is lots to do between now and then, however enough time to squeeze in a few more adventures here before exploring a whole lot more new ones within northern PA.

I recently purchased a GoPro and have taken lots of video. Figuring out how to edit and then will post on here. And there have been quite a few.

4 Comments on “Some Big NEWS

  1. What! Am I the last to know this good news? Looking forward to having you back in the states and related to camp and conference ministry. Are you arriving in time for PCCCA?

    • Haha. No not this time john. In fact as you know you were and are instrumental in getting me back. Thanks for all your advice, wisdom, questions, clarity and most of all listening.

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