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Throwing Stones & Good Theology

Today I went to visit a family this afternoon with Robin who’s 22 year old son took his life 3 1/2 weeks ago!!! Griff Parrish was a talented young man with many gifts including that as a singer/songwriter. he has even released an album… Continue Reading “Throwing Stones & Good Theology”

The new sub 4 minute mile

The Boston Marathon was run today. the 11?th edition i think and therefore one of the oldest marathons in the world. Kinda weird to see a marathon ran on a Monday but i’m sure theres some reason for that. Anyways there was a few world record of… Continue Reading “The new sub 4 minute mile”

almost out of the woods

as promised I ran this morning for 60 mins…& it was pain free. Now all i have to complete is a ride later today and with this weather should be easy to do. While i dont think i’m back to 100%, i do feel… Continue Reading “almost out of the woods”

Plan for Sunday

Tomorrow i plan on running for 60mins and also doing a decent ride. i know i am supposed to ease into it, but i also need to get back into it. Isn’t there some expression that says… “there’s always Monday” or “i can start… Continue Reading “Plan for Sunday”

The Results Are In…

Went to Emory on Tuesday to get my 2nd opinon and according to the well qualified sports orthapedist there, he said I DONT HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE!!!! yes its true, but then what do i have? according to the good doc i have Peroneal… Continue Reading “The Results Are In…”

2nd Opinions

Tomorrow i am going to Emory Hospital to get a 2nd opinion. i just need to know that i am doing the right thing, that there’s nothing else i can do for my foot. Part of the reason for this is to plainly ask… Continue Reading “2nd Opinions”

alternative Lenten practice

currently sitting in a open field @ 9am on a saturday doing support for my team CheckpointZero about 1 hour into the race and waiting for pete Michele and chris to come in on their bikes and switch to the canoe. we won this… Continue Reading “alternative Lenten practice”

making the best

decided to reinvent my training over the weekend. added more cycling and considering even swimming. we will see on that one. rode 70km yesterday which was great. my foot hurt quite bad last night but feels better today. haven’t done anything today but that’s… Continue Reading “making the best”

An Ultra isnt anything

This morning the sun greeted us again. it was a little chilly too and therefore feels good outside. We are home on a saturday morning together at the same time for the first time (by my math) since mid January… AMAZING I do have… Continue Reading “An Ultra isnt anything”

here comes the sun

I can’t believe it the sun is shining. yes it’s true this afternoon the sun FINALLY came out while it’s still a little chilly the sun is out and I am very grateful. sleep 7 1/2hrs