Throwing Stones & Good Theology

Today I went to visit a family this afternoon with Robin who’s 22 year old son took his life 3 1/2 weeks ago!!!

Griff Parrish was a talented young man with many gifts including that as a singer/songwriter. he has even released an album

we both attended the memorial service just 2 days after this tragic loss and were very moved by all the people present including young adults

Robin as part of her ministry at Friendship Presbyterian includes a Prayer Shawl Ministry where she and the women of the church knit/crochet prayer shawls then deliver them and pray with the individual. naturally I gave never been to one of these occasions. They are usually delivered to folks who are in need, sick, or have lost a loved one

Several weeks ago Robin suggested that we take one of these shawls to Emily Parrish, Griff’s mother. we were in LaGrange and coordinated a way to stop by.

WOW… it was a very moving experience to sit with Emily and listen. She poured her heart out and did not hold back one little bit. I felt very moved to be able to sit and hear many of the stories, the pain,the what if’s everything. Needless to say Emily was very touched by the prayer shawl and all 3 of us cried our eyes out as we layed it around Emily’s shoulders and as Robin prayed the prepared prayer. Even now as i sit and type this blog i think of Emily sitting there admiring this beautiful shawl.

Not to be in a hurry to move on. however our original reason for being in La Grange today was to visit the Antiquity Center. this place is amazing and seeks to re create the phyiscal setting of Jesus’ time period and more

The Explorations in Antiquity Center in LaGrange, Georgia, is a living museum of life in ancient times. Through archeological replicas, Biblical meal presentations, lectures, and other personal experiences, ancient Middle Eastern life becomes real today.

We went with program staff from Calvin Center and ended with a Seder Supper meant to recreate The Last Supper Jesus had with his disciples. It was very moving and we were treated to a traditional meal for the time period. But what struck me most was how the guide put the actual meal into a historical context. Everything from the food to the order in which they were seated.

We also learned about the traditions, and the way people (when the ate) reclined around a meal and the order they sat in meant order of importance. The person next to the host that was Judas, directly next to Jesus. The most important seat next to JC’s of course. Yes Judas, that Judas who goes on to betray JC. The person next to the host or Jesus gets served 1st after the host. That would be Judas, yes that Judas. The person who gets the best choice of food, would be directly next to JC, that would be Judas, yes that Judas. The person who gets the best piece of lamb (the food choice of the time period) would directly next to JC, that would be Judas, yes that Judas. And JC even leans over and feeds some of it to him.

This is hard to put into words, and i find it hard to contain my excitment.

JC then turns to Judas and tells him to go and do what he was supposed to do and do it quickly. Knowing full well that he was speaking to Judas about betraying him. The story continues and Judas is full of sadness, and knows he has made a mistake. Tries to give the money back-they refuse to take it, as its ‘blood money”. So Judas throws it in the temple and goes and hangs himself in a field.

Why do i tell you this.

  • Judas was mentally ill and wasnt thinking straight when he made the decision to betray JC.
  • Judas had remorse, he knew he had done wrong and tries to fix it, cannot and see suicide as his only option. Remember he is mentally ill and therefore isnt able to make rational decisions.
  • JC knew what Judas was up to, and in feeding Judas was already telling him that he is forgiven. “Take eat this is my body, given for you, do this in rememberence of me… this is a new covenant sealed in my blood, shed for you for the forgiveness of sins…”.
  • That’s some good theology. BUT ITS MORE THAN THAT!!!
  • It’s hope for all those who need it, whatever their situation.
  • Even for those who a mentally ill.
  • That’s some good reformed theology… it tells us that Jesus Christ, has already paid the price. In feeding Judas, all of them on that night he took care of it FIRST.
  • Jesus already knew, he already in effect said… its ok, i know, your sins are forgiven.
  • For ALL of us struggling with what ever, even mental health. Jesus knows an has already forgiven us.

Even when it drives us to do the unthinkable… take our own life. If nothing else but that message of forgiveness remains that gives us HOPE.

So all those who judge, condemn, ‘throw stones’ from the sidelines about choices people make, even life ending choices for the mentally ill. Put down your stones, because we are no better.

Have you ever sat with a mother who grieves her son’s decision…

I have and you would not be able to sit there and still ‘throw stones’

The new sub 4 minute mile

The Boston Marathon was run today. the 11?th edition i think and therefore one of the oldest marathons in the world. Kinda weird to see a marathon ran on a Monday but i’m sure theres some reason for that.

Anyways there was a few world record of 2hrs 3mins & 2 sec (3.02:03) WOW!!! and this gets better… it lowered the old record by a whopping 58 secs. The winner was Geoffrey Mutai. Congratulations, thats amazing. Can someone say “will humans run under the mythical 2hr mark for the marathon?… it appears to be only a matter of time.

Is this the new magical time & distance that the worlds elite runners will aspire to? Similar to that of being the 1st human to run under 4minutes for a mile. Which was achieved almost 60 years ago in 1953 by one Rodger Bannister. A record that many believed was beyond a human ability and would never be broken.

BUT WAIT, hold the press, or should i say blog

The record was NOT ratified. Yes really!!! because of an unfair advantage. “Because Monday’s race had a strong tailwind on a downhill course, Mutai’s run is not recognized by track’s international governing body as a record.”

Read more:

Oh come on, are you serious. This guy just busted his butt to run this time and its deemed ineligible. i dont understand. i get the whole arguement about the wind being too strong. But the course being too much of a downhill course and thus creating an unfair advantage. Are you serious!!! Please explain this to me… when then IS a marathon course not too hilly and or just enough? And what about if its really hilly do they take 30 seconds off your finishing time or credit you with 1minute less that what you crossed the line with.  Especially when EVERY marathon course IN THE WORLD is different. No two are the same.

I get the wind advantage argument, how that may create an unfair advantage. It applies in the 100 meters track event and that makes sense. But then again 100meters is 100 meters its the same sort of track, way its laid out, number of lanes (in  most cases) and even running surface. I get all that

But the hilly course argument i dont get. i feel sorry for Boston Marathon organizers who i’m sure are well aware that the course (on its current )they designed most likely will never have a world record set because they made it with too many downhills and thus created an unfair advantage. I wonder when the ‘powers that be’ that create these rules and regulations last ran a marathon.

Marathons hurt, they arent fun, and the speeds that these women & men run them at is in my opinion a work of art. At least Boston Marathon has a long history and that alone draws thousands of runners each year. And i’m sure the $200,000+ dollars for winning will help calm Mutai’s disspointment.

almost out of the woods

as promised I ran this morning for 60 mins…& it was pain free. Now all i have to complete is a ride later today and with this weather should be easy to do.

While i dont think i’m back to 100%, i do feel fairly confident that things are going well.

On another note, got to sit at Lakeside last night with a group at camp and enjoy this view. it was cooler temps too, after storms rolled through on friday night. This is why i love my job!!!


Plan for Sunday

Tomorrow i plan on running for 60mins and also doing a decent ride. i know i am supposed to ease into it, but i also need to get back into it.

Isn’t there some expression that says… “there’s always Monday” or “i can start at the beginning of next month.” Well thats true for me right now. But we will shoot for Sunday.

Already making plans for post summer camp vacation with Robin. Each year we plan some sort of adventure. last year it was sea kayaking on Puget Sound, Washington. We have had other great adventures like Climbing Mt Rainier, or going to the South West. Well this year we plan to go to Colorado and hike/climb Longs Peak then hike/climb using only maps & compass to make our way to Highlands Camp & Conference Center (one of our camps) totally independant of trails etc (except up Longs). Should be fun. Keep you posted.

The Results Are In…

Went to Emory on Tuesday to get my 2nd opinon and according to the well qualified sports orthapedist there, he said I DONT HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE!!!!

yes its true, but then what do i have? according to the good doc i have Peroneal Tendonitis. Or a really bad soft tissue injury. its going to take time to heal but it will. He figured this out from a fresh set of x-rays that came back clean of which he added that a stress fracture wouldnt show up on an x-ray anyway. So much for the previous ‘experts’ advice.

i have a series of exercises to do on my feet, to strengthen almost all the soft tissue(s) in my feet. on both side. that ultra…. yes the dang ultra really did a sweet little number on my feet. And that i basically have to start from scratch and re build all the strength, stamina and endurance i have in my feet. he went on to tell me to loose the silly boot and walk around wednesday without it.

then run for 30mins thursday and see how it goes. So i did. of course i did. Run again after almost a month. you dont have to tell me that twice.

So i ran thursday morning for 30 mins…pain free for the 1st time in a while. then again this morning for 20 min… pain free. i’m not out of the woods yet, because i still have pains in my feet, but essentially all over my feet , from my plantia fascia to my heel, toes, you name it. but otherwise good. i am hitt my exercises quite religiously as i ‘make my come back’

once again time will tell. As for racing, not sure i will be ready for Atomic 30hr next month, and dont need to re injur. might blow that off then and really work hard to prep for ‘Raid the North’ in BC, Canada this summer.  6 days of racing heaven…. hmmmmm cant wait.

in the mean time life carries on. keep getting a flat in my bike trainer, why i dont know. Its still dark in the am to go road riding. just the usual.

Holy Week next week. So hopefully will get a few days extra off work to do some cool advenutures, that is if my foot progresses.

On another note. Got the total run around today from US Customs as i was there picking up a item we ordered fro Global Village. Went to 4 different places and still dont have it. Didnt have a nice experience with Customs. if fact the were quite rude. its like they are suspicious of EVERYONE, and its like they are doing us a favor. Why is that? Arent i the customer and arent the VAST majority of people fine & upstanding people who arent trying to screw the system and just get their stuff. only to be thwarted and slowed down by a few that trying to screw the system and mess it up for the rest of us.

I’m rambling again. shoudl go then

2nd Opinions

Tomorrow i am going to Emory Hospital to get a 2nd opinion. i just need to know that i am doing the right thing, that there’s nothing else i can do for my foot. Part of the reason for this is to plainly ask the doctor… “should i get a real cast?” i say this because this boot isnt doing me any favors.

i wear it all day, and have been quite dedicated to wearing it. but… i still move around like its not even there. On saturday at the race (more on that soon) i was swinging canoes and bikes all over the place and not really doing all i could to take care of my foot. So i wonder that if i get a real cast i wont cut corners, i will be forced to take better care of it.

Tomorrow will tell.

About that race… NOT A GOOD DAY!!!! our team really messed up bad. Considering we were defending champions we should have done better. but several things happened to lead to our poor performance.

  1. Peter punched the wrong CP on the passport, which essentially means game over in a short race like this
  2. On the final paddle we (& i say we, even though i was waiting on the shoreline for them) were catching up to Snickers Marathon, who were freaking out knowing we were breathing down their neck. And we are a lot faster team than them. Anyways someone didnt take a compass bearing and paddle right past the cove we were supposed to go up and paddled an extra 4 MILES!!!!! to bump us from 2nd (about to be 1st) all the way to 5th place.   arrgghhhh!!!!

Its important to note that on longer races like 24hrs + you can make a few mistakes like that and get away with it, but in a shorter race like this. One mistake and BAM you are done. Done by our standards anyway.

it was a fun day, got to catch up with lots of people somei havent seen in a few years. Ate good food after the race. great weather, warm but not too hot. and of course beautiful scenery.

Paddled tonight for 90mins, felt good. out n back paddle so head wind on the way back. Big storms supposed to roll through here tonight. Always fun to sleep with the sound of rain.

i’m rambling now, must be time to go

alternative Lenten practice

currently sitting in a open field @ 9am on a saturday doing support for my team CheckpointZero about 1 hour into the race and waiting for pete Michele and chris to come in on their bikes and switch to the canoe. we won this race last year and really want to repeat!!! 10hr race but a good day out

soooo I realized the other day that the time this I’m supposed to be out is about the same as lent…. approx 40 days hmmmmmmmm I wonder

Lent is supposed to be “willingly” give up something but maybe God is telling me something or trying to get my attention I wonder????
I did give up cookies for lent does that mean I can start eating them again???

on another note I see the Crusaders Rugby team SMASHED the Bulls 27-0 last night YES!!!!!

making the best

decided to reinvent my training over the weekend. added more cycling and considering even swimming. we will see on that one.

rode 70km yesterday which was great. my foot hurt quite bad last night but feels better today. haven’t done anything today but that’s ok

should be able to ride and maybe paddle tomorrow. it’s tempting with my foot feeling good to get out there and run but I have to be patient. let my foot heal and relax it will happen.

bout to to bed with the expectation of wicked storms passing through here in the middle if the night will be woken by them i expect. but something awesome about being woken in the night to rain and storms as long as they aren’t severe

the next few hours will show

Saturday 8
Sunday 7

An Ultra isnt anything

This morning the sun greeted us again. it was a little chilly too and therefore feels good outside.

We are home on a saturday morning together at the same time for the first time (by my math) since mid January… AMAZING

I do have to go down to the office at some point but only for a few hours. then hope to enjoy the day outside… oh wait i cannot run, hmmmmm but adaption is the key. so hope to paddle and maybe even ride at some point.

Speaking of running, this morning as i ate my breakfast instead of watching the endless cycle of bad news on the news networks i looked through programs we have recorded on the DVR and found a Documentary about Terry Fox part of the ESPN 30 for 30 series it aired last year on worthy, interesting and even sometimes controversal human sports stories.

Anyway the story i watched this morning (without being lame & could really make you examine your life some) was very inspirational. it was about a young man 22 years old who had his leg amputated because of cancer and decided to RUN across Canada from East to West. He started in relative obscurity and ended with a lot of attention. But thats not why he ran. he did is solely to raised money for the Canada Cancer Society. Depending on your perspective the story doesn’t have a happy ending.

However Terry ran  3339 miles in 143 days and since this run his efforts have raised over $500,000,000 dollars for cancer research. if you have an opportunity to see this film… DO IT!!!!

As i still process this documentary Robin and i sat in tears speaking of what it did inside us. What does it inspire us to do.  For example… never will i hit the snoose button again early in the morning. i know that is wishful thinking but still makes ones realize what amazing blessings we have.

And i complain about a stress fracture. At least i have 2 legs. Makes an ultra seem… An ultra isnt anything


8 1/2 hours … feels like Christmas

here comes the sun

I can’t believe it the sun is shining. yes it’s true this afternoon the sun FINALLY came out while it’s still a little chilly the sun is out and I am very grateful.

7 1/2hrs