Plan for Sunday

Tomorrow i plan on running for 60mins and also doing a decent ride. i know i am supposed to ease into it, but i also need to get back into it.

Isn’t there some expression that says… “there’s always Monday” or “i can start at the beginning of next month.” Well thats true for me right now. But we will shoot for Sunday.

Already making plans for post summer camp vacation with Robin. Each year we plan some sort of adventure. last year it was sea kayaking on Puget Sound, Washington. We have had other great adventures like Climbing Mt Rainier, or going to the South West. Well this year we plan to go to Colorado and hike/climb Longs Peak then hike/climb using only maps & compass to make our way to Highlands Camp & Conference Center (one of our camps) totally independant of trails etc (except up Longs). Should be fun. Keep you posted.

The Results Are In…

Went to Emory on Tuesday to get my 2nd opinon and according to the well qualified sports orthapedist there, he said I DONT HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE!!!!

yes its true, but then what do i have? according to the good doc i have Peroneal Tendonitis. Or a really bad soft tissue injury. its going to take time to heal but it will. He figured this out from a fresh set of x-rays that came back clean of which he added that a stress fracture wouldnt show up on an x-ray anyway. So much for the previous ‘experts’ advice.

i have a series of exercises to do on my feet, to strengthen almost all the soft tissue(s) in my feet. on both side. that ultra…. yes the dang ultra really did a sweet little number on my feet. And that i basically have to start from scratch and re build all the strength, stamina and endurance i have in my feet. he went on to tell me to loose the silly boot and walk around wednesday without it.

then run for 30mins thursday and see how it goes. So i did. of course i did. Run again after almost a month. you dont have to tell me that twice.

So i ran thursday morning for 30 mins…pain free for the 1st time in a while. then again this morning for 20 min… pain free. i’m not out of the woods yet, because i still have pains in my feet, but essentially all over my feet , from my plantia fascia to my heel, toes, you name it. but otherwise good. i am hitt my exercises quite religiously as i ‘make my come back’

once again time will tell. As for racing, not sure i will be ready for Atomic 30hr next month, and dont need to re injur. might blow that off then and really work hard to prep for ‘Raid the North’ in BC, Canada this summer.  6 days of racing heaven…. hmmmmm cant wait.

in the mean time life carries on. keep getting a flat in my bike trainer, why i dont know. Its still dark in the am to go road riding. just the usual.

Holy Week next week. So hopefully will get a few days extra off work to do some cool advenutures, that is if my foot progresses.

On another note. Got the total run around today from US Customs as i was there picking up a item we ordered fro Global Village. Went to 4 different places and still dont have it. Didnt have a nice experience with Customs. if fact the were quite rude. its like they are suspicious of EVERYONE, and its like they are doing us a favor. Why is that? Arent i the customer and arent the VAST majority of people fine & upstanding people who arent trying to screw the system and just get their stuff. only to be thwarted and slowed down by a few that trying to screw the system and mess it up for the rest of us.

I’m rambling again. shoudl go then

2nd Opinions

Tomorrow i am going to Emory Hospital to get a 2nd opinion. i just need to know that i am doing the right thing, that there’s nothing else i can do for my foot. Part of the reason for this is to plainly ask the doctor… “should i get a real cast?” i say this because this boot isnt doing me any favors.

i wear it all day, and have been quite dedicated to wearing it. but… i still move around like its not even there. On saturday at the race (more on that soon) i was swinging canoes and bikes all over the place and not really doing all i could to take care of my foot. So i wonder that if i get a real cast i wont cut corners, i will be forced to take better care of it.

Tomorrow will tell.

About that race… NOT A GOOD DAY!!!! our team really messed up bad. Considering we were defending champions we should have done better. but several things happened to lead to our poor performance.

  1. Peter punched the wrong CP on the passport, which essentially means game over in a short race like this
  2. On the final paddle we (& i say we, even though i was waiting on the shoreline for them) were catching up to Snickers Marathon, who were freaking out knowing we were breathing down their neck. And we are a lot faster team than them. Anyways someone didnt take a compass bearing and paddle right past the cove we were supposed to go up and paddled an extra 4 MILES!!!!! to bump us from 2nd (about to be 1st) all the way to 5th place.   arrgghhhh!!!!

Its important to note that on longer races like 24hrs + you can make a few mistakes like that and get away with it, but in a shorter race like this. One mistake and BAM you are done. Done by our standards anyway.

it was a fun day, got to catch up with lots of people somei havent seen in a few years. Ate good food after the race. great weather, warm but not too hot. and of course beautiful scenery.

Paddled tonight for 90mins, felt good. out n back paddle so head wind on the way back. Big storms supposed to roll through here tonight. Always fun to sleep with the sound of rain.

i’m rambling now, must be time to go

alternative Lenten practice

currently sitting in a open field @ 9am on a saturday doing support for my team CheckpointZero about 1 hour into the race and waiting for pete Michele and chris to come in on their bikes and switch to the canoe. we won this race last year and really want to repeat!!! 10hr race but a good day out

soooo I realized the other day that the time this I’m supposed to be out is about the same as lent…. approx 40 days hmmmmmmmm I wonder

Lent is supposed to be “willingly” give up something but maybe God is telling me something or trying to get my attention I wonder????
I did give up cookies for lent does that mean I can start eating them again???

on another note I see the Crusaders Rugby team SMASHED the Bulls 27-0 last night YES!!!!!

making the best

decided to reinvent my training over the weekend. added more cycling and considering even swimming. we will see on that one.

rode 70km yesterday which was great. my foot hurt quite bad last night but feels better today. haven’t done anything today but that’s ok

should be able to ride and maybe paddle tomorrow. it’s tempting with my foot feeling good to get out there and run but I have to be patient. let my foot heal and relax it will happen.

bout to to bed with the expectation of wicked storms passing through here in the middle if the night will be woken by them i expect. but something awesome about being woken in the night to rain and storms as long as they aren’t severe

the next few hours will show

Saturday 8
Sunday 7

An Ultra isnt anything

This morning the sun greeted us again. it was a little chilly too and therefore feels good outside.

We are home on a saturday morning together at the same time for the first time (by my math) since mid January… AMAZING

I do have to go down to the office at some point but only for a few hours. then hope to enjoy the day outside… oh wait i cannot run, hmmmmm but adaption is the key. so hope to paddle and maybe even ride at some point.

Speaking of running, this morning as i ate my breakfast instead of watching the endless cycle of bad news on the news networks i looked through programs we have recorded on the DVR and found a Documentary about Terry Fox part of the ESPN 30 for 30 series it aired last year on worthy, interesting and even sometimes controversal human sports stories.

Anyway the story i watched this morning (without being lame & could really make you examine your life some) was very inspirational. it was about a young man 22 years old who had his leg amputated because of cancer and decided to RUN across Canada from East to West. He started in relative obscurity and ended with a lot of attention. But thats not why he ran. he did is solely to raised money for the Canada Cancer Society. Depending on your perspective the story doesn’t have a happy ending.

However Terry ran  3339 miles in 143 days and since this run his efforts have raised over $500,000,000 dollars for cancer research. if you have an opportunity to see this film… DO IT!!!!

As i still process this documentary Robin and i sat in tears speaking of what it did inside us. What does it inspire us to do.  For example… never will i hit the snoose button again early in the morning. i know that is wishful thinking but still makes ones realize what amazing blessings we have.

And i complain about a stress fracture. At least i have 2 legs. Makes an ultra seem… An ultra isnt anything


8 1/2 hours … feels like Christmas

here comes the sun

I can’t believe it the sun is shining. yes it’s true this afternoon the sun FINALLY came out while it’s still a little chilly the sun is out and I am very grateful.

7 1/2hrs

Ain’t No Sunshine

I realized today that i havent seen the sun shine in this part of the world since LAST FRIDAY. and that by my math is 5 days… WOW. no wonder i feel like i have the blahs. here’s hoping for some sunshine tomorrow.

Still trying to heal my foot, i have been wearing the boot, more that i thought i would. but i guess if i want to run again anytime soon i need to wear it. Happy i dont have to go through this is June-August, can you imagine all the heat n humidity and that boot. and the stench!!!

In addition to the lack of Vitamin D this week, there has been other trying news.

A young adult we knew well from youth council took his own life on Sunday. This is a huge loss. Such a young life…GONE. Griff’s family are real big in FPC La Grange. Emily, Griff’s mother is the Educator at FPC LaGrange. Such a loss. Robin & I attended the Memorial Service. Many people, especially young adults. All very disillusioned by Griff’s death.

News that my parents wont be visiting this year, due to my dad’s health. While this was sad news, wasn’t entirely surprising. He continues to have some health problems.

Training this week has essentially been mess. Lots of good intentions with biking & paddling but reality… ZERO. i guess there’s always tomorrow or next week. and i need to get back into it next week.

then i also need to get a bone scan and we are waiting on…. wait for it…. the INSURANCE COMPANY!!! welcome to America. for those of you not from America. Insurance here is a nighmare. Millions of americans dont have it and if you do, its not always that great. Was on the phone with someone today trying to figure this out. Waiting on some person in a glass tower to decide how much of the bill the health insurance company will pay. Stay Tuned!!!


Sunday 7 1/2

Monday 7 1/2

Tuesday 7 1/2

At least one thing is consistent

Living with Mr. Awkward

Do you know Mr Awkward that s my new best friend. otherwise known as the obnoxious boot on my left foot. Not fun at all oh well i try to remind myself that the more i keep it on the quicker it will heal. And at least i don’t live in Japan or lost my house back home in ChCh.

Having to adapt to not running, it’s really hard to describe and really only a runner understands, and it’s not that i have always been a runner either. Yeah i use to be the chubby kid, ask my parents or siblings. but over time i have re invented myself into becoming one.

And running is an amazingly freeing activity to think that the human body with all its bones, tendons, muscles etc can fire in movement harmony to move a human across terrain at a faster pace than a walk. to coordinate ones self to make the ground beneath ones feet move faster than a walk.

which leads me to think about the broad spectrum at which humanity can exist on. for example that Jamaican runner Bolt and his ability to propel a human over a track of 100m in length at a speed & time that NO OTHER HUMAN HAS DONE BEFORE. then to have another human who has not taken care of their health look exhausted at merely walking 50  meters or so. hmmmm don’t get me started.

As i was saying … running, what a beautiful creation it is. what a great piece of mechanical harmony it truly is. And i miss it, but my time will come again. And as i adjust it means more biking. since friday i have rode my bike 3 times. the last time was this morning before church on the trainer partly becuase with daylight savings its still dark out, and it was raining.

We had a wicked storm pass through last night, or should i say almost continously from mid afternoon through 1am. there was even a Tornado Warning for a while. i did leave the house around 3.45pm to do a short road ride, only to be chased home by heavy rain and even hail.

Won’t be ridinng or paddling tomorrow, currently at Columbia Seminary in Decautr Ga to begin this curriculum writing project for the PCCCA/CTS Certification Program. As i sit here realize that i haven’t slept in a city for a while use to being in the country not the hum or a city

Sleep 6hrs… Boo-storms all night kept waking me up!!!

And the Verdict is..

A stress fracture!!!!

What, No Way, you are kidding, really…. #@&%*#$%@)&@ hmmm

i guess it could be worse. i looked at the x-ray and the doctor who is a triathlete (so there was some sympathy) although he did say that “unfortunatley you adventure racing/endurance nuts have such a high pain tolerance that you (Me) have been sucking it up for so long that i could have made it alittle worse.” that wasnt helpful either.

he went on to say… 6 weeks NO RUNNING, which might as well be a death sentence for me. Amongst other things running is a spiritual/mental/emotional thing for me. what will i do. He did say i could bike, paddle and swim as long as i dont do hills. havent seen many hills in a pool. So we did both laugh when i said that.

Oh and it gets better, i have a big ugly boot to wear too. WOW. i feel really dumb wearing this thing around. At least i can ride and paddle etc. not with the boot on of course. i came home with the boot and immediately left on my road bike to finish my ride from earlier this morning.

What does this all mean…

  1. I miss one race (Blue Ridge AR) i havent told my team mates yet
  2. Should be back for Atomic AR in mid May
  3. Then will have to bust my @ss to get in run shape for that and then Raid the North in Canada at the end of the summer

But on a good note i did have cold meatloaf sandwiches for lunch with fresh bread made by Robin. I guess i do have many things STILL to be thankful for.


8hours… SWEET!!!